Fabulous Find- Ecoreminders

Ecominders Home Stickers (Package of 5)


– Perfect reminder tool for home.

– Saves time.

– Includes one removable and reusable sticker sheet.

– Comes with one time use recycling sticker sheet.

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More about the creator of ecominders:

..And then a CFL light bulb went on above my head. Ecominders was something that came to me after having my first child. I was so concerned with every aspect of his livelihood, how could I not be concerned about the environment that he was going to grow up in? I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. And I find that I learn new things everyday about what we can all do for a healthier, greener planet. In creating Ecominders I wanted to share what I have learned and how truly easy it is to make these small changes in your life, at your home, school and office. Changes that–collectively–can make a huge difference in our impact on the planet: reducing our energy use, water consumption, product waste, and carbon emissions. My experience has been that being green has a contagious effect–once you start, you just want to learn more, do more, and share more. I hope that Ecominders can be the beginning of this experience for you. And you’re never too old or young to start. Ecominders Kids & Schools provides a great way to get your kids involved in being green, or for kids to get their parents involved! With all Ecominders, you can make it easy to Stick to Saving the Planet. My son and all future generations thank you for your efforts. Allison Shaewitz, Creator of Ecominders


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