Happy Halloween from Craftymomof3 and Family! We used the cool templates from @Kaboosedotcom

We’re off soon to go trick or treating. Hope every one has a safe and fun time!

Check out our Halloween fun using templates from Kaboose.com!

Craftykid with her pumpkin. She used the Happy face template.

Craftkid's finished pumpkin..isn't he cute?

We also printed out a template and made a neat Halloween mask for her other pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!


Crafts: Recycled Denim Book Bag @imperfectwomen

This time my daughter and I combined efforts for my crafty post in the Hobby Lobby.

Crafts: Recycled Denim Book Bag

Crafts: Recycled Denim Book Bag

By CraftyMomof3 and CraftyKidof3

My daughter and I were going through some of her out grown clothes in preparation for new school clothes and we thought up a great idea for a craft. So one rainy weekend we sat down and made it. [Read on…..]

Back to School Tips: How to make a First Aid Kit for your childs backpack.

Back to School....

I don’t know about you but I have clumsy kids. 🙂  It’s one of their endearing qualities, but I still need to be prepared! So I came up with a great craft that they can be part of and make sure they are ready for all life’s bump and bruises.

Back Pack First Aid Kit

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Foam Pencil Topper Craft. So cute (via kaboose.com)

I found this craft on kaboose.com and my daughter thought it was really cute so I thought I would share!

Foam Pencil Toppers

By: Amanda Formaro

Difficulty: Very Easy

Age: 6 and up

With this project, the only limit is a kid’s imagination. Whatever creature, shape, or theme s/he can think of could be living on top of his/her pencil!

Be sure to visit all of our back-to-school ideas including back-to-school crafts, school lunch recipes and great printable activities.

What you’ll need:

  • Craft foam sheets or shapes
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Pom-poms
  • Pencils

How to make it:

  1. Start with two identical sized shapes, such as a circle or heart. Put glue around the border of one of the shapes, leaving about ¾” where you will insert the pencil. (See photo.)
  2. Press the second shape onto the first, sandwiching them together. The glue will need to dry for several hours, preferably overnight, but you can decorate the outside now.
  3. Decorate the outside of the craft foam shape using pom-poms, wiggle eyes, other foam shapes, glitter glue, sequins, whatever you like. We made a black bear using pom-poms for ears and a nose and a couple of wiggle eyes. (See photo.) We also made a flower using several pom-poms and a bird using wiggle eyes and other craft foam shapes. (See photo.)
  4. Once the toppers have dried completely, insert the eraser end of a pencil carefully into the opening.


  1. Drying time is important for this project. If you try to insert the pencil too soon, the glue may still be tacky and could pull away from the foam causing your topper to split open.
  2. You can use white craft glue as we did, or you can purchase special glue made just for craft foam at a craft supply store.
  3. Craft foam comes in convenient value packs in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Lunch Money Locket. So cute via @FamilyFun

I don’t like to always have my daughter use her lunch card for silly things like buying milk or a parfait at her school so I thought this would be a cute idea for her (a girl version of coarse!)

I found this on my favorite go-to kids craft site Family Fun!

Lunch Money Locket via @FamilyFun

A kid will never lose his lunch money again if he keeps it in this homemade — yet eminently stylish — locket made from a common mint tin. Dress up the lid with a toy plastic animal, fake jewels, stickers, and more.

  • Small metal mint tin (Ours measured roughly 2 by 2 1/2 inches. Make sure it has a hinged lid to pull a string through or around. We found ours at Target and CVS.)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • String or metallic craft cord (You’ll need about a 3-foot length. Be sure it’s thin enough to fit around or through the tin’s hinge so the lid can still close.)
  • Tacky glue
  • Small plastic animal or fake jewels, stickers, etc.

  1. Clean the inside of the tin. Paint the top and let it dry.
  2. Thread the string or metallic cord around or through (depending on the type of tin) the tin’s hinges. Pull both ends of the string tight, so that they fit snugly around the hinge, and then knot them together at the top.
  3. Glue plastic animals or jewels to the top of the tin. Let it dry.Lunch Money Locket - Step 1
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*I have no affiliation with Family Fun other than I think their website rocks. 🙂

Camp Bound! No Sew Pillow Tutorial.

This week my kids and I are Girl Scout camp bound! My son and I will be in charge of the boys camp some of the days, others I will be helping with the Juniors.  A great craft the adults came up with this year for the over night is a no sew pillow craft to compliment the “Spa Night”  for the Juniors, Cadets and Seniors. In order to fit all the girls and their pillows we decided on a 18×30 pillow.

I recently made a pillow for my 3 year old so she wouldn’t feel left out when her sister got her tent pillow.  I started with 3 yards of fabric which I then cut in half.  Then you need to mark and measure how long you want your ties. I went with 4 inches.

Measure and mark your ties....

Measure and mark your ties....

Make sure you cut an even square off each end of the fabric so the ties will come out even and tie nicely.

Cut an even square corner.

Cut an even square corner.

Then cut your ties every two inches all the way around the fabric. You can do one inch but be careful when you are tying them because they will rip when you tug. I suggest using fiskar spring loaded scissors because the make the most even cut.

Spring Loaded Sciccors.

Spring Loaded Scissors.

Then tie the fabric carefully, making sure you match each tie. Double knot each piece. Leave a 5 inch section and stuff your pillow with fiber fill. Finish tying the rest of the fabric.

The finish product!

The finish product!

This one is a little overstuffed because my 3 year old decided she wanted to use it as a floor pillow, so in that case you need to over stuff it at first or over time it will lose it’s shape and cushion.

When my daughter makes hers at camp I will post a pic of her finished product. The camp pillow follows the same directions, just different dimensions.

Have fun and send me pics if you make them! I love to post pics of my readers finished products!

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